Vibram Putter

Vibram Sole

Red White and Blue Sole

The Sole is the newest Vibram putter available in X-Link rubbers. Unlike the other Vibram putters with flat tops, the sole has a more traditional domed top. While Vibram’s other putters are known for their driving abilities, the Sole is the putting putter, and the one you’re going to want in your arsenal for short…Read more

Vibram Ridge

Pink and blue Ridge

The Vibram Ridge is one of the best disc golf putters made, regardless of manufacturer. This is a straight flying, accurate disc that comes equipped with an excellent disc. If you’re looking to make more putts, then the ridge is one you want to consider. Like all Vibram discs, the Ridge is available in high…Read more

Vibram Summit


Vibram makes great putters, and the Summit is no exception. Unlike the Ridge and V.P., the Summit is an understable putter that possesses more turn than fade. If you threw the Summit at 40 miles per hour with a backhand throw, it would turn to the right 12 degrees and then fade back to the…Read more

Vibram V.P.

Green and pink V.P.

The V.P. is another outstanding putter in the Vibram lineup. Unlike the Summit and Ridge, this is an overstable disc. You will undoubtedly notice this discs hooking fade on long shots. If you were to throw the V.P. at 60 miles per hour, this disc would turn just 2 degrees, then fade 24 degrees. Because…Read more