9 Very Overstable

DGA Riptide

No ratings yet. The Riptide is an out of production overstable disc made for long drives that need to hook inward at the last moment towards a target. This disc provides a go-to for its strong hook. So long as you have mastered the power behind this disc and its strong fade. DGA Riptide Dimensions…Read more

Discraft Predator

Red Predator

No ratings yet. The Predator is a predictable,  overstable fairway driver. This may not be the fastest disc on the market but it makes up for that in its constant and reliable fade. Discraft gives this disc a stability rating of 2.5. This is the perfect disc for forehand flicks. The Predator comes in three…Read more

Discraft Flick

Red Flick

No ratings yet. Looking for a disc that won’t flip over from those power forehand flicks? Then The Flick is for you! This bad boy can be thrown with big anhyzer angles and will always fade back. Great for ultra-powerful forehand/sidearm shots and strategic fades, this disc won’t dissapoint. Discraft classifies the Flick in their…Read more

Innova Firebird

White Firebird

No ratings yet. The Firebird is the first “very overstable” disc that developing disc golfers should get. This disc will provide a massive fading hook, but not fast enough that less powerful players can’t control it. The Firebird can easily handle headwinds and makes for a pretty great forehand driver. The Firebird is available in…Read more