8 Overstable

Prodiscus Respecti

White Respecti

The Respecti is an overstable control driver that is a perfect choice for players wanting to throw strategic hooks, forehand throws, and overhand drives. This disc is not a disc for beginners. The Respecti was the first disc that the Finnish manufacturing Prodiscus ever produced. Respecti Dimensions: Diameter: 21.0 cm Height: 1.8 cm Rim Depth:…Read more

MVP Shock

Blue Shock

The Shock is a thin fairway driver that is supposed to be more stable than the Volt, and offer excellent glide. The Shock turns less, but has a more than average fading throw than the aforementioned Volt. For power throwers that find the Volt flippy, the stability the Shock offers is why this is a…Read more

Westside Stag

Blue Stag

The Stag is an overstable fairway driver in the Westside line. This disc is an excellent choice for throwing controlled fairway drives for both backhand and forehand throws. The Stag may not be the fastest disc (speed 8) out there, but it does have a very comfortable, moderate rim of 1.9cm. This disc is available…Read more

MVP Volt

Blue Volt

The MVP is a straight flying disc which tends to be slightly overstable. Depending on the amount of snap when thrown, the Volt can have a decent fade at the end of its flight. The GYRO Technology in this disc makes it the goto for long, tight fairway throws. The disc is also designed to…Read more

Discraft XL

Red XL With Gold Markings

Looking for a straight flying, accurate fairway driver? The Discraft XL is a stable distance driver you may want to consider. In Pro-D plastic, Discraft gives the XL a stability rating of 0, meaning the overall flight path is going to be straight. In this plastic, the XL lowest weight comes in at 150 grams….Read more

Lightning #1 Helix

Blue #1 Helix

Like it’s name implies, the Helix is an excellent disc for Helix, Flex, or S-Curve shots. This disc experiences a high speed turn at the beginning of its flight, followed by a high degree of low speed fade. Thrown at an anhyzer angle, this baby will helix like no other. This disc is no longer…Read more

Discraft Tracker

Salmon Tracker

The Discraft Tracker is an overstable (Discraft Stability Rating 1.8) long range driver with a thin rim. This disc is said to have flight characteristics similar to the Buzzz, only longer. It is able to deliver straight flights with a consistent fading finish. The Tracker is available no longer.     Tracker Dimensions Diameter: 21.2cm…Read more

Vibram Ascent

Blue and Orange Ascent

The Ascent is one of the few fairway drivers Vibram has made. The Ascent is an overstable driver, that is a good choice for headwind throws and strategic fades. It has a very slight turn and substantial fade. According to Vibram, if you can throw this disc 56 miles per hour it should turn 4…Read more