3 Understable

Prodigy PA-4

White PA 4

The PA-4 by Prodigy Disc is designed as a putt and approach disc for disc golfers of all levels. Beginners will definitely appreciate the straight flight path. Experienced players will notice on drives that this game gives a long glide and finishes with a gentle turn. PA-4 Dimensions Diameter: 21.0cm Height: 1.9cm Rim Depth: 1.4cm…Read more

Latitude 64 Ruby

Pink Ruby

If you’re looking for the best disc golf putter for new players, don’t look past the Latitude 64 Ruby. This disc is in the Latitude 64 “easy to use” line. The Ruby accurate as well as a great approach disc, making it ideal for beginners. As an understable putter, this disc allows newer players to…Read more

Discraft Banger GT Soft

Pink Banger GT

If you like the Banger GT, but love soft flexible plastic, the Banger GT Soft is the perfect solution. This putt and approach disc combines the best of the Banger, with its understable flight path and thumb gripping groove, with the grip and control of soft plastic. This is a great putter to help disc…Read more

Westside Swan

Blue Swan

The Swan is the putt and approach disc for Westside Golf Discs. This is a solid, firm putter that gives you something to hold on to. It is a slightly understable disc that offers a very straight flight path for most players. The Swan comes in the Eco-1 plastic, Westside’s plastic used exclusively for putters….Read more

Gateway Magic

Orange Magic

Need a little Magic in your game? Well look no further than gateways Magic disc. This is a straight flying putt and approach disc that will help your game via its end of flight low speed fade. The Magic is made to be easy to throw. The rim is designed with a gyroscopic weight distribution…Read more