12 Stable

Discraft Spectra

Flaming Red Spectra

The Discraft Spectra is a fast driver that takes the high speed turn and sharp end flight fade to a higher degree. This disc is made for a headwind and less powerful throwers. It farther with less effort. This disc is only available in a unique Elite Z Super color plastic. If you’re looking for…Read more

Innova TeeDevil

Translucent Orange TeeDevil

You can tell just by looking at the TeeDevil this disc is made for distance because of it’s super wide rim and low profile. The TeeDevil slices through the air in a surprisingly straight trajectory, if thrown with the right control. It is not the best disc for beginners, because a slight adjustment in the…Read more

Innova Wahoo

Yellow Wahoo

The Wahoo  is the fastest speed floating golf disc on the market, and as such a disc you want in your arsenal. This is a fairly stable driver with substantial turn (-2) and significant fade (2). The Wahoo is a thick bulky driver with a very wide 2.4cm rim. It is available in a version…Read more

DGA Hurricane

DGA Hurricane Pink

The DGA Hurricanes wide rim and excellent glide provide better stability for this distance driver. For power throwers, this disc will definitely go the distance and then some. This disc goes farther than any other disc DGA has made. For beginner and intermediate players, the Hurricane will feel more overstable.  It is available in both…Read more