11 Overstable

Gateway Illusion

Orange Blaze

The Illusion is a fast, overstable distance driver made by Gateway. This disc is easy to throw and is a great choice for sidearms, tomahawks, and distance drives. It also handles headwinds pretty well. Gateway Illusion Dimensions Diameter: 21.4 cm Height: 1.5 cm Rim Depth: 1.1 cm Rim Width: 2.1 cm Available Weights: 150-177g

Innova Krait

Green Krait

The Innova Krait is one of the straightest flying distance drivers made by Innova. This new disc, released in fall of 2012, boasts of being one of the most stable discs currently on the market. Though this disc may be an extra tall distance driver (2.3 cm) it still comes equipped with an average rim…Read more

Discmania Hysteria DD

Discmania DD Hysteria

With one of the widest rimmed discs on the market, the Hysteria is not easily gripped by everyone. Those who can grip this baby will see some amazing distance drives! With a moderately-high speed rating of 11 and a comfortable glide of 5, the Hysteria DD will give a noticeably overstable flight and makes a…Read more

DGA Rogue

Another in the Pro Line of Discs from DGA The Rogue is a thick rim fast distance driver. Giving you a little bit of extra rim this far driver is going to be a surefire win. Rogue Dimensions: Diameter: 21.1 cm Height: 1.7 cm Rim Depth: 1.2 cm Rim Width: 2.2 cm Max Weight: 175.00…Read more

Innova Wraith

Pink Wraith

You either love or hate the Wraith. This disc is the answer for many disc golfers, while others just can’t get it right. Either way, the Wraith is another of Innova’s most popular discs and comes in a wide range of plastics and weights. The Wraith is popular because it has high speed and is…Read more

Latitude 64 Riot

Purple Riot

The Riot is a slightly overstable disc that was designed for professional disc golfers, but is friendly enough that intermediate players can use it as well. This disc is a tall driver (1.9cm) with an average sized rim (22cm) for maximum distance drivers.It’s recommended for “low hard shots under trees” and as your primary disc…Read more

Westside Boatman

White Boatman

As an overstable, but not too overstable disc, the Boatman makes a good forehand driver for intermediate players looking for great distance. This is a fast disc moderate low-speed fade and no turn. The Boatman is available in Westside’s durable VIP plastic, and comes in weights from 170-177 grams. In higher weights, this disc will…Read more