Prodigy M3 – Version 1 & 2

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In case you haven’t heard yet, Prodigy is sending out their two newest products, the PA-2 and the M3.

The M3 has actually already been released by Prodigy. Before you get too confused, that M3 has been renamed by Prodigy as the M2. So if you already purchased the M3, rename it as the M2. Do this however you would like – over here, we simply used a marker over the 3 to make it appear as a 2 (that was actually what Prodigy suggested).

Here is another way to tell if your M3 is actually an M2. If it is an M3 with a “Proto” or “First Run” stamp, it’s an M2. The new M3 will only have the M3 stock run stamp on it.

With the name changes, here are some other questions which come to mind:

  • Is Prodigy ever going to release any other new discs?
  • Or are they sticking to four withing each category?
  • What if they release a driver which falls in the middle while both the D1 and D4 already have stock run stamps?
  • Will they call it they start using decimals, ie the D2.5?
  • Will there be a Fall 2013 version of the M3, or another overhaul with the Spring Collection?
  • What will Prodigy name a disc which more overstable than the D1?

Feel free to weigh in!

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