Discraft Avenger

Yellow Avenger
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The Discraft Avenger is an overstable disc designed for intermediate and advanced players. This disc is one of the discs in Nate Doss’s arsenal that helped him secure his win in the 2005 Pro World Championships. With a level throw you will the avenger will fly in a moderate hooking motion. If thrown at an anheyzer angle this  disc will fly in a nice S-curve. Discraft has given the Avenger a stability rating of, for the elite x plastic, 1.6 and for their other plastic blends a 1.8.

As this is a very popular disc it is available in nearly all discraft plastics . If you’re looking for a cheap Avenger, a flexible one, or a highly durable one, we have it at Infinite Discs. In Z-plastic the Avenger can be dyed for extra color and personality.

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Discraft Avenger


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