10 Overstable

Prodigy H2

The H2 is a moderate speed frisbee golf disc manufactured by Prodigy Disc. This is described as an overstable speed 9-10 driver that falls perfectly between the fast distance drivers and the controllable fairway drivers. The H2 is not quite as overstable as the H1 and provides substantially more glide. This disc will be available…Read more

Innova Starfire

Orange Starfire

The popular Starfire by Innova is available in a wide variety of plastics and proves itself to be a dependable overstable long distance driver. With a gradual, strong rollover, making it easy to dodge any obstacles in your way. Starfire Dimensions Innova Starfire Diameter: 21.2cm (97.87% of average) Innova Starfire Height: 1.4cm (69.76% of average)…Read more

Innova Orc

Pink Orc

The Orc is one of the classic Speed 10 drivers made by Innova. because of its speed and accuracy this disc is a good choice for beginning players. The Orc flies well for both backhand and forehand throws. This is an overstable disc, but do to its degree of understable turn this disc has an…Read more

Discmania PD Freak

PD Freak Red

The wide rim, fast flight, and overstability of the disc gives this baby a beautifully strong spin, a strong anhyzer, and this disc pulls into a beautiful s-curve as it soars through the air. Making the PD (Power Driver) Freak a great addition to any disc golfers bag or cart! This disc is no longer…Read more

Discraft Avenger

Yellow Avenger

The Discraft Avenger is an overstable disc designed for intermediate and advanced players. This disc is one of the discs in Nate Doss’s arsenal that helped him secure his win in the 2005 Pro World Championships. With a level throw you will the avenger will fly in a moderate hooking motion. If thrown at an…Read more

Westside Northman

White Tournament

The Westside Northman is a fantastic all-purpose distance driver. Due to this being relativly fast and stable, this disc tends to provide consistent and accurate drives.   Northman Dimensions: Diameter: 21.5 cm Height: 1.7 cm Rim Depth: 1.1 cm Rim Width: 2.0 cm Max Weight: 178.00 g Additional Information: Speed: 10.0 Glide: 5.0 Turn: -1.0…Read more

DGA Tsunami

DGA Tsunami Yellow

The DGA Tsunami is a high speed overstable long range driver. This disk is good for power throwers who are looking for some distance and for sidearm/forehand golfers who don’t want an extra thick rim, this is the disk for you! The Tsunami is available in the ProLine plastic and comes in weights from 164-174…Read more