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Westside Golf Discs

It’s giveaway time…!

Westside has been standing out recently with the release of 3 new discs, so we want to hear what you think about Westside plastic!

Westside plastic looks amazingWestside makes arguably the best looking discs. While most of the manufacturers have unique artwork stamped on discs, they usually don’t print them on the premium plastic. With Westside you’ll find sweet looking images like the King, Stag, Tursas, Sword, and Underworld on both their durable (VIP) and premium (Tourney) lines of plastic. Why, because they’re Westside!

Who is Westside?If you’re not familiar with Westside Discs, they are a small manufacturer out of Finland. The manufacturing of their discs is actually done by Latitude 64 in Sweden. Thus, their plastic molds are the same fine quality that we find from Lat 64. Westside VIP = Opto Line and Tournament = Goldline. Top disc golfers agree that Latitude 64 currently makes the best plastics available.

Which discs do they offerWestside almost has a full line of golf discs at this point. With the addition of three new discs this week (Stag, Tursas, Underworld), they now have ten discs for sale. Five distance drivers, two fairway drivers, two mid range discs, and a putter.

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Contest Rules
To be eligible for this contest, rate and write reviews on as many Westside discs as you have played with (on their disc specific product pages on
If you haven’t played with Westside yet, find a friend and borrow theirs, or buy a few at our incredibly low prices. Each quality review is counted as one point, so the more reviews you have, the greater your odds are of winning.

If you’re one of our faithful stellar reviewers, and have already written reviews on Westside discs, you’re eligible too. Simply sit back and hope you win, or increase your odds by buying and reviewing those discs you haven’t written about yet.

This contest ends on Friday MARCH 29th, 2013, when we will randomly select one of the reviews as the winner. This gives you three weeks.

What is a Quality Review?

A quality review tells us about you, and about how the disc works for you. For example “I love this disc,” as your review actually tells us nothing which is of worth. That review won’t count if we draw it as a winner.Something more useful would be “I’ve only been playing for a year, and I love this disc. My throws on a drive with these types of discs typically go about 225-250 feet, and with my beginner arm they turn at just the right moment before it falls…” See, that was more insightful to a beginner.

Which disc do I win?

You may choose from ANY Westside disc we have in Stock. It can be one of the new molds, or any other Westside Disc.


Begin Reviewing Here:

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Here are the specific page links for each disc review: