NY Mets’ Pitcher Seth Lugo a Frisbee Golfer

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As frisbee golfers, it’s fun to see when professional athletes play our sport. According to a New York Post article, Mets pitcher Seth Lugo is a Frisbee Golfer, and pretty good at it too. It makes sense that a professional baseball player would be good at disc golf as a the motion used for a baseball sidearm throw is very similar to the motion used in sidearm flick and overhand throws in frisbee golf.

In the article, fellow pitcher Robert Gsellman jokingly made the comment:

“The only thing he is good at is frisbee golf,’’ Gsellman cracked. “That’s his only talent off the baseball field that I know of, also pool, he’s really good at pool.’’

Source: Two starters-turned-relievers bullish on the Mets’ bullpen

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