DGA Blowfly II

DGA Blowfly 2 Pink
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The Blowfly II is the second super soft flexible putter by DGA, and is available in lighter weights. This disc is so flexible that you can easily fold it in half like a pancake. This gives the Blowfly II unmatched chain gripping capabilities. Flexibility makes this disk softer and perfect for playing catch with, or throwing in areas where you don’t want to damage property – this disc has the same type of texture that you’d find in a rubber band. Another plus of the Blowfly II is that this disc floats on water! Thus, making it easier to retrieve, should an accidental toss in the river happen.

The Blowfly 2 has a sharper edge and is a little more understable than the Blowfly. If you prefer a straighter flying putter, the Blowfly II is the super soft putter of choice.

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DGA Blowfly II


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