Discmania P1 – Maniac

Orange P1
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The P1 Maniac is what you could call a straight shooter, thanks to the discs capabilities of flying straight. This discs turn radius and fade rate in at 0 making this one heck of a straight line approach disc and a chain rattling putter.

The P1 is available in the mid grade P-Line and premium S-Line plastics. Both these plastics offer excellent feel and control.

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Discmania P1 Maniac

Maniac P1 Dimensions

  • Diameter: 21.2cm (97.87% of average, 99.80% average Putter)
  • Height: 2.0cm (99.65% of average, 94.77% average Putter)
  • Rim Depth: 1.5cm (127.44% of average, 103.00% average Putter)
  • Rim Width: 0.9cm (61.52% of average, 90.95% average Putter)
  • Available Weights: 165-175g

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