2 Stable

Dynamic Discs Warden

Grey Warden with Gold Markings

The Warden is the beadless version of the popular Dynamic Discs Judge. This is a disc that is a straight shooter with a minimal fade and is the second in Dynamic Discs lineup that can boast this. It will be available in both classic and classic soft plastic, and offers an ultra comfortable feel for…Read more

Innova Aviar Yeti

Pink Aviar-Yeti

The Yeti Aviar comes in a special blend of Pro plastic that is more firm than other Aviar models. This disc was made for four time world putting champion Jay “Yeti” Reading. The Yeti Aviar is a slightly thinner model with a big bead. The top of this putter isn’t only flat but has a…Read more

Dynamic Discs Judge

Light Blue Judge

The Judge is an instant success in the Dynamic Discs line. This putter is a go-to because of its stability and ultra-straight flight. It is our top selling Dynamic disc and works well for both putts and approach shots. The Dynamic Discs Judge is available in three different blends. The “Classic” blend is firm but…Read more

Lightning #2 Upshot

Yellow #2 Upshot

Approaching a shot which is above you? The Upshot has just the right mix of turn and fade to stay on a straight course towards an upward approach target. Lightning #2 Upshot Dimensions: Diameter: 21.4cm (98.79% of average) Height: 2.0cm (99.65% of average) Rim Thickness .9cm (61.52% of average) Available Weights: 165-176g

Millennium Omega

White Omega

For those who like a firmer putter, the Omega in Quantum,ET, and Sirius plastics provide the same great flight pattern in stiffer plastic blends. The stability and consistency of the Omega can’t be beat. Quantum plastic is translucent and ultra durable. Sirius is the premium plastic blend that provides both grip and durability. Millennium Omega…Read more

Millennium Omega AP

Green Omega AP

This is the Omega disc designed to help you lay up next to the basket. The AP (Approach Disc) flies even straighter than the Super soft Omega, thanks to it’s sharp rim it can minimize sliding overshots. This disc comes in a soft blend of Millennium Standard plastic. Millennium Omega AP Dimensions Diameter: 21.1cm (97.41%…Read more

Millennium Omega SuperSoft

Blue Supersoft Omega

The Omega SuperSoft is one of the best disc golf putters ever. The disc boasts superior grip and gives total control over the stable flight path. The soft grippy plastic is flexible, it grips the chains, and helps you make more successful putts. The SuperSoft Omega also makes a good approach disc that will not…Read more

Discraft Rattler

Blue Rattler

The Rattler is a tall putter with a super thin rim. This disc is a slow flying stable disc (Discraft rating 0) with a slight degree of fade and turn. If you’re searching for a reliable short range flying disc, then the Rattler is the disc you need. The Rattler is an inexpensive disc that…Read more