7 Stable

Axiom Clash

[box type=”bio”] The Axiom Clash frisbee golf driver is a neutral flyer with more end of flight fade than the first introduced fairway drivers in the Axiom line. This discs is described as “more stable than the the Crave with added reliability.” Axiom says that, “Skilled players will see more turn from Clash than Crave,…Read more

MVP Servo

Green Servo

The Servo sounds like a slower Volt, or a faster Tangent. It’s said to be a super straight flying disc that is just as super easy to control. While the original MVP drivers (Volt, Shock, Amp) are classified as speed 8-9 drivers, the Servo follows the Resistors path with a 1.7 cm rim and speed…Read more

Prodigy F5

White F5

The Prodigy F5 fairway driver is a straight flying fairway driver that’s not quite as understable as the F7. At 1.9cm tall, the F5 is significantly taller than other existing fairway drivers, which all have a height of 1.5cm. The wing length, or rim width, is 1.8cm, just like all the other Prodigy fairways. Prodigy…Read more

Prodigy F3

Red F3

The new Prodigy F3 is a stable flying fairway driver designed for long and controllable flights for players of any and all skill levels. Utilizing Prodigy’s Easy Release Technology, this disc provides a comfortable feel and excellent distance. This is definitely a disc you want in your bag. F3 Dimensions: Diameter: 21.3 cm Height: 1.5…Read more

Discraft Eclipse

White Eclipse

Due to this disc being a super-stable fairway diver that provides a predictable flight pattern, it is an ideal choice for any beginner. This drivers relatively narrow rim makes it easier to control for those players with small hands. Sadly, the Eclipse is out of stock and it is unknown if it will return. Watch…Read more

DGA Squall

White DGA Squall Disc

  The DGA Squall is a disc in the Pro Line of discs. For a solid with a bit of personality to its flight this disc makes for a great mid-range. This disc has a smooth flight with a hint of turn and slightly stronger fade before it sits down. The disc has an average…Read more

Innova TL

Creme /translucent TL

This disc is also known as the TeeBird TL. The TL and the TeeBird are very closely related. Though matching in speed, this disc comes with slightly less fade at end of flight. That is a great advantage for fairway drives, but less advantageous when fade is necessary. Easy to control and comfortable, the TL…Read more

Lightning #3 Flyer

Orange #3 Flyer

This is another great stable flying fairway driver. The #3 Flyer was a favorite for advanced players for mid to long range straight shots. If you want an inexpensive, no nonsense, predictable straight flyer, then this is definitely worth considering. This disc is no longer available. Lightning #3 Flyer Dimensions: Diameter: 21.2cm (99.11% of average)…Read more

Lightning #4 Driver

Yellow #4 Driver

The #4 Driver is a fairly stable fairway driver. This disc comes equipped with a moderate speed, substantial amounts of turn, and a fairly heavy fade. In light weights this disc will turn itself over and slice to its right. In heavy weights this disc is overstable and instead curves to the left. #4 Driver…Read more

Vibram Trak

Green blue and pink Trak

The Trak is Vibram’s straight-flying fairway driver. If you’re looking for a disc that will go the distance and keep on course, than look no further than the Vibram. The unique thing about the Trak compared with other drivers is the substance it’s made of. The Track is made from Vibram’s quality X-link blend rubber,…Read more