6 Stable

Axiom Crave

5/5 (1) The Axiom Crave was the first driver in the Axiom Line of frisbee golf discs. This moderate speed fairway driver is described as a seasoned MVP Servo. It provides a straight controllable flight path with a comfortable feel and loads of color beautiful options. Many of our fans describe the Crave as “the…Read more

MVP Servo

Green Servo

No ratings yet. The Servo sounds like a slower Volt, or a faster Tangent. It’s said to be a super straight flying disc that is just as super easy to control. While the original MVP drivers (Volt, Shock, Amp) are classified as speed 8-9 drivers, the Servo follows the Resistors path with a 1.7 cm…Read more

Yikun View

Blue View

No ratings yet. The View is the beginner friendly fairway driver in the Yikun lineup. This stable flying fairway driver is perfect for straight line control shots. The view can be purchased in inexpensive Tiger Line plastic, making it affordable for any budget. View Dimensions: Diameter: 21.0 cm Height: 1.5 cm Rim Depth: 1.1 cm…Read more

Discraft Zombee

Clear Zombee

No ratings yet. The Zombee is a new fairway driver that was introduced by Discraft for the 2012 Ace Race. This is a tall,  straight shooter with predictable end flight fade. This disc is like a cross between the midrange Buzzz and the Stalker driver. Discraft has given this disc a 1.0 in the stability…Read more

DGA Squall

White DGA Squall Disc

No ratings yet.   The DGA Squall is a disc in the Pro Line of discs. For a solid with a bit of personality to its flight this disc makes for a great mid-range. This disc has a smooth flight with a hint of turn and slightly stronger fade before it sits down. The disc…Read more

Lightning #3 Driver

Orange #3 Driver

No ratings yet. the #3 Driver will provide newer players with long flights due to its substantial speed and fade. This is a taller than average driver (2 cm tall), with a relatively thin wing length. #3 Driver Dimensions Diameter: 22.5cm (99.72% of average, 103.87% average Fairway) Height: 2.0cm (99.65% of average, 113.21% average Fairway)…Read more

Innova Cheetah

Red Cheetah

No ratings yet. The Cheetah is one of the best drivers for newer disc golfers. Though not one of the fastest golf discs on the market, the Cheetah is really easy to control and provides consistent S-Curve flights. One of the best things about the Innova Cheetah is that it is a very cheap golf…Read more

Westside Warship

Red Warship

No ratings yet. The Warship is a versatile straight-flying midrange driver that can go the distance. This is one of the few midrange discs currently in the Westside lineup, but has enough speed behind it to be classified as a fairway driver. When thrown with power, the Warship has a small degree of high-speed turn…Read more