5 Very Overstable

Dynamic Discs Verdict

White Verdict with Blue markings

This is a very overstable midrange designed to handle a lot of torque and give accurate, consistent flights. These are unique discs with a flat, almost concave top. All Verdict’s stamped either “Prototype” or “First Run – Prototype” are stamped with Truth on the back. The disc was originially to be released as the Truth,…Read more

Innova Gator

White Gator

The Gator is a bulky overstable midrange disc, ideal for those shots you want to have stay put right next to the basket. The Gator has very little glide (Innova rating of 2) and will go only as far as you throw it. It makes a decent putter on very windy days. The Gator is…Read more

Discraft Wasp

Yellow Wasp

The Wasp is one of the more popular overstable midrange discs. This disc is great for windy conditions and strategic spots of fade. The Wasp is only available in the ultra-durable Elite-Z and ultra-premium Titanium plastics. If you’re looking out for a quality midrange that will last, the plastics will do a job. For a…Read more

Lightning #2 Hyzer

Orange #2 Hyzer

The #2 Hyzer is a “radical, overstable Hookshot that is totally wind resistant”. This Hyzer is not only the most overstable disc Lightning makes, but boasts of being one of the most overstable on the market. If you are a power thrower who wants a medium driver that won’t flip over at all from your…Read more

Discraft Hornet

Pink Hornet/White marks

The Hornet is the moderately overstable midrange disc in the Discraft bee themed lineup.This disc is substantially more overstable than the Buzz, but not as insanely overstable as the Drone performs. Though this disc fades hard, it makes up for it in it’s far glide distance. This is the perfect midrange for players who don’t…Read more

Millennium Sentinel MF

Orange Sentinel MF

The Sentinel MF is one of the most accurate midrange golf discs on the market. It has been around since 1998 and is still sticking around because of it’s consistent reliability. The Sentinel MF (midrange fade) is overstable, but the fade it provides is consistent and predictable. This midrange is great for strategic fade approaches,…Read more