4 Stable

Yikun Yao

Blue Yao

The Yikun Yao is a solid midrange disc available in Phoenix Line plastic. This is a solid all-round mid range, and it has an excellent feel. The Yao is a midrange with a stabel flight and a consistent end of flight fade. Yao Dimensions: Diameter: 21.6 cm Height: 1.9 cm Rim Depth: 1.4 cm Rim…Read more

Innova Mako

Orange Mako

Nothing is better than The Mako when looking for a great straight flying disc. The Mako is known for its straight shooting, no nonsense straight finish. This is the fastest flying disc that offers both a 0 turn and 0 glide rating. The super stable Mako will fly how you want it to. If you…Read more

Innova Coyote

White Coyote

This large diameter midrange has a very straight flight path. The Coyote is an excellent disc for a variety of shots. This is a great disc for straight flights, turnover throws, short drives, and even rollers. Innova Coyote Dimensions: Diameter: 21.7cm (100.18% of average) Height: 1.9cm (94.67% of average) Rim Thickness 1.2cm (82.03% of average)…Read more

Discraft Hawk

White Hawk

The Hawk is a perfect choice for new players. This is a stable disc with a low price tag that delivers with its high speed turns, low speed turns, and will hold the line you want. This is a great disc for threading those tight fairways. The Discraft Hawk is available in inexpensive Pro-D plastic,…Read more

Innova Super Stingray

Green Super Stingray

The Super Stingray is just like the Stingray, except it’s super! This version is designed to fly straighter and is made to be able to handle the strain from power throws. The blunt nose makes this a got to when for when you have a small opening to maneuver through!   Innova Super Stingray Dimensions:…Read more

Latitude 64 Spike

Purple Spike

The Spike is an innovative disc that is the ideal choice for midrange as well as approach shots. This disc will fly flat for up to 300 feet. The Spike comes equipped with a shallow grip and a smooth edge. It also has “traction zones” on top that increase grip and lead to a clean…Read more

Millennium Aurora MS

Red Aurora MS

The Aurora MS (Midrange Stable) is exactly that — stable. With it’s minimal turn and fade, this disc has a straight and consistent flight path. Simply control the angle of your release and the disc will fly at the angle you wish it to.This outstanding flyer is available in all the Millennium plastics. Standard plastic…Read more

Innova Cobra

White Cobra

The Cobra is a beginner friendly stable midrange golf disc. The relatively narrow rim provides great control that is ideal for backhand throws. When given a little speed, the Cobra will see a high speed turn that is followed by a significant amount of low speed fade. The Cobra isn’t the straightest flying mid range…Read more

ABC Mission

The mission is a must-have disc for many people. It is acclaimed as the perfect disc for approaches that are both reasonably long, as well as midrange. This disc is designed to give you an approach that sets up the shortest putt possible. The Platinum Edition Mission discs are even more grippy than the Gold…Read more