Millennium JLS

Yellow JLS

No ratings yet. The Millennium JLS is a great stable driver that aided in revolutionizing the distance driver technology. This was the best selling disc golf driver at the beginning of the century. The “LS” stands for long straight, and while this disc both turns and fades, it is, nonetheless, a very consistent disc that…Read more

Innova Cheetah

Red Cheetah

No ratings yet. The Cheetah is one of the best drivers for newer disc golfers. Though not one of the fastest golf discs on the market, the Cheetah is really easy to control and provides consistent S-Curve flights. One of the best things about the Innova Cheetah is that it is a very cheap golf…Read more

Innova Archon

Yellow Archon

No ratings yet. This is a fast disc with significant turn and strong fade that gives intermediate players a neutral flight path overall. The Archon is a thin driver that comes equipped with a wide rim. It is available in the durable Champion and Star plastics, in weights from 165-175g. This disc is described by…Read more