Putt & Approach Disc

Axiom Envy

Axiom Envy Frisbee

The Axiom Envy is the first putt & approach disc in the new Axiom line. Compared with the MVP Ion and Anode, this disc is a bit beefier and has a thicker wing. The Envy is a slower and more overstable putter that is stable even when at high speeds it has a dependable drop….Read more

Discraft APX

Yellow APX

The Soft APX is a super-soft flexible putter made with a special elite plastic. The outstanding grip allows this disc to have successful putts and consistent releases. The APX is slightly understable. the overall flight path is straight with a limited fade. Discraft APX Dimensions Diameter: 21cm (96.95% of average, 98.86% average Putter) Height: 2.3cm…Read more