Junk Discs

Franklin Sparrow

Franklin Sparrow Midrange

The RT Franklin Sparrow is the plastic shape listed as a mid-range in the Franklin Sports Disc Golf starter set. This disc is made of a soft, very un-durable plastic type that is quick to wear and easily bends. Although it is listed as a mid-range, the disc mold used is exactly the same as…Read more

Franklin Albatross

Franklin Albatross Disc Golf Driver

The RT Franklin Albatross is a piece of plastic advertised as a disc golf disc. Although it is shaped in a way similar to a disc golf driver, the aerodynamics of this “disc” do not allow it to actually fly in the air. The Albatross is so understable that on even moderate speed throws from…Read more

Halex Midrange

Halex Midrange Frisbee Golf Disc

The Halex Midrange is a 160 gram base plastic understable golf disc that has the same shape and flight as the Halex Driver. It really seems that the only thing different between the Driver and the Midrange is that the stamp printed on the Midrange says Midrange rather than Driver. Like the Driver, this disc…Read more