Innova Discs

Innova Lycan

Red Lycan

No ratings yet. The Lycan is a straight flying midrange driver with a great feel. The Lycan is a very similar disc to the Mako but has slightly more fade. For midrange discs, the Lycan has a very wide and deep rim. The high dome this disc comes equipped with provides a some great glide…Read more

Innova Aviar-X (JK)

Yellow Aviar-X (JK)

No ratings yet. The Aviar-X JK (Juliana Korver) is a version of the popular Innova Aviar that brings great results. This is a “big bead” putter, meaning there is a bump or bead on the inside rim. This disc comes in soft Pro plastic. The JK Aviar is softer than the Yeti Pro, but more…Read more

Innova Wedge

Yellow Wedge

No ratings yet. The Wedge is a unique disc that is a cross between a midrange and a putter. This is a very understable putter that many golfers neglect to have in their arsenal. Those who are beginning to try out the “straddle-putt” style would do well to try the Wedge, as the understability counteracts…Read more

Innova XD

Salmon XD

5/5 (1) XD does not stand for extra distance. Rather, the XD is another great disc in the Innova series of putters. This is a go-to disc for long putts and approach shots.While it is not made for distance, some actually use the putter as their distance disc when nothing else is available. The XD…Read more

Innova Zephyr

White Zephyr

No ratings yet. This specialty disc made by Innova is one you can play catch with, or use for a round of recreational Frisbee golf. The Zephyr is a stable, straight flyer with Thumbtrac for extra grip and durability. It’s diameter is about two cm bigger than the average golf disc. The Zephyr is a…Read more

Innova Aviar Classic

Yellow Aviar Classic

No ratings yet. The Classic Aviar is a stiffer version of the popular Aviar putter. Known as the “Aviar Driver” when it debuted, this was the original Aviar disc. The Classic Aviar is a reliable disc ideal for putt and approach shots in any and all conditions. This disc is available in the inexpensive DX…Read more

Innova Archangel

Red Archangel

No ratings yet. The Innova Archangel is one of the best discs for newer disc golfers who have trouble controlling fade on their drives. This disc comes equipped with a good amount of high speed turn, excellent glide, and limited, thus allowing for greater distance. The Archangel is available in the inexpensive DX plastic and…Read more

Innova Ape

Purple Ape

No ratings yet. As a super-overstable high speed driver, the Ape isn’t made for everyone. Unless you can drive more than 400 feet, this won’t provide maximum distance for backhand throws. Designed for ultra power throwers, headwind shots, and dogleg fades, The Ape lives up to its name. As a power driver, it is available…Read more