8 Understable


White Amp

The AMP is the second fairway driver released by MVP. This is an understable disc that is great for beginners. This disc has substantial high speed turn and is equipped with a forward penetrating end flight fade. For less powerful disc golfers, the AMP makes a long straight flying disc. Whereas, for the more powerful…Read more

Innova Sidewinder

Red Sidewinder

The Sidewinder’s name says it all – this disc will spin over faster on release causing either an unintentional rolling throw or a flight that is much slower than anticipated. The Sidewinder is a go to for getting out of some tough and uncomfortable positions. Each Sidewinder plastic is also available in the slightly lighter…Read more

Latitude 64 Diamond

The Latitude 64 Diamond just might be the BEST disc golf driver for beginners. This disc has just the right speed, turn, and glide to maximize distance for weaker throwers. It’s also available in very light weights, which helps newer disc golfers overcome limited distance from low speed fade. Not only is the Diamond a…Read more

Discraft Xpress

Orange XPress

The Elite-X Xpress is the first distance driver made by Discraft. The understability of this disc helps new golfers by fading left. (Those throwing a right backhand.) . The Xpress is also one of the best discs for learning to throw rollers. Discraft gives this disc a stability rating of -1 in Elite X plastic….Read more

Millennium Polaris LS

Orange Polaris LS

The Polaris is one of the best slightly understable, straight flying drivers on the market. This disc is a predictable, straight flying, and a fast flying driver that gives great distance. This disc is a great choice for line drives in low ceiling areas. The Polaris is easy to throw for any and all skill…Read more