6 Very Overstable

MVP Resistor

White Resistor

The MVP resistor is a slower overstable fairway driver that provides more controllable speed. The Resistors flat profile makes it excellent for forehand flicks and overhand throws. The Resistor compliments the MVP line of control drivers by providing a more overstable driver than the Shock. Utilizing MVP’s GYRO technology, the Resistor “resists” turning and experiences…Read more

Latitude 64 Trident

Yellow Trident

The Latitude 64 Trident is a unique disc, perfect for specialty shots that require a monster hooking fade. When you have a moderate distance shot and have a big clump of trees in your way that you need to get through, this is definitely the disc you want. Although the Trident is a driver, it…Read more

Innova Viper

White Viper

The Viper is the first original super overstable driver, and is perfect for power throwers because it wont flip over. This disc has a moderate sized rim (1.6cm), which is uncommon in newer super overstable drivers. If you’re looking for a slower speed driver with maximum fade, the Viper is your disc. It comes available…Read more

Innova Whippet

White Whippet

An amazing hooking driver, the Whippet is perfect for strategic fading shots. This disc works well for hyzers and flex shots and will never turn over even in a head it won’t flip over. Though not the fastest overstable driver, it does consistently whip in a hooking motion. The Whippet is no longer in stock….Read more

Latitude 64 XXX

Red Latitude 64 XXX

Latitude 64 XXX is an EXTRA overstable fairway driver. This disc is for those shots where you need to rely on a monster fade. The XXX has fairly wide rim width (2.0cm) and a weight ranging from 165-177 grams. It’s a fairly thin disc (1.5cm), but has an over stability that you can depend on….Read more

Lightning #1 Hyzer

Orange #1 Hyzer

The #1 Hyzer is Lighting’s fastest super overstable disc. According to Lightning, “this disc defies Hyzer.” The hook on this disc is so powerful it can handle even the strongest winds. This is Lightning’s best disc choice for power throwers. #1 Hyzer Dimensions Diameter: 21.7cm (100.18% of average, 101.34% average Fairway) Height: 1.8cm (89.69% of…Read more