Innova Discs

Innova Champion Discs

Innova is the #1 Disc Golf Manufacturer in the world. They held the original patent on the bevel edge golf disc and make more discs each year then all other manufacturers combined. Innova manufactures discs in Rancho Cucamonga, California and also has a major distribution center for the East Coast in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Innova Archon

Yellow Archon

This is a fast disc with significant turn and strong fade that gives intermediate players a neutral flight path overall. The Archon is a thin driver that comes equipped with a wide rim. It is available in the durable Champion and Star plastics, in weights from 165-175g. This disc is described by Innova as an…Read more

Innova Archangel

Red Archangel

The Innova Archangel is one of the best discs for newer disc golfers who have trouble controlling fade on their drives. This disc comes equipped with a good amount of high speed turn, excellent glide, and limited, thus allowing for greater distance. The Archangel is available in the inexpensive DX plastic and is available in…Read more

Innova Ape

Purple Ape

As a super-overstable high speed driver, the Ape isn’t made for everyone. Unless you can drive more than 400 feet, this won’t provide maximum distance for backhand throws. Designed for ultra power throwers, headwind shots, and dogleg fades, The Ape lives up to its name. As a power driver, it is available only in the…Read more

Innova Aero

White Aero

Excellent glide and a straight flight path make the Aero a great approach disc. This disc is available in the inexpensive DX plastic, and is available in weights from 178-180 grams. As the disc first created designed for disc golf, the Aero has a bit of history to it, making history right at your fingertips….Read more

Innova Firebird

White Firebird

The Firebird is the first “very overstable” disc that developing disc golfers should get. This disc will provide a massive fading hook, but not fast enough that less powerful players can’t control it. The Firebird can easily handle headwinds and makes for a pretty great forehand driver. The Firebird is available in all the major…Read more