Speed – 14

Vibram Lace

Orange and white Lace

The Vibram Lace was the first distance driver released by Vibram, and is one of the fastest, straightest flying high speed drivers that was on the market. According to information from inBounds Disc Golf, this disc is supposedly, the farthest flying disc on the market. This disc is no longer available. Lace Dimensions: Diameter: 21.0…Read more

Legacy Rampage

Blue Rampage

The Rampage is one of THE FASTEST distance drivers on the market…. period. This is one of only two discs that has received a staggering speed rating . The Rampage is not only fast, but it has excellent glide (5), a moderate degree of high speed turn (-1), and a substantial degree of fade (4)….Read more

Westside King

Blue King

The Westside King is one of the FASTEST golf discs on the market. While this disc is most certainly over-stable, it has a decent amount of turn, allowing for this disc to glide and fly further than most of the discs that fly this fast. The King is a good choice for intermediate and advanced…Read more

Legacy Cannon

Purple Cannon

The Cannon by Legacy is meant for advanced players who have solid control of their disc. The numbers show this disc has the potential to be the farthest flying disc on the market but must be fired like a cannon with precision, not as a loose cannon. When given power the disc will exhibit a…Read more