Lightning Driver

Lightning #2 Driver

Orange #2 Driver

This is a stable flying driver that flies straight and glides well. This disc is no longer available. Lightning #2 Driver Dimensions: Diameter: 21.4cm (98.79% of average) Height: 2.0cm (99.65% of average) Rim Thickness 1.6cm (108% of average) Available Weights (Standard): 170-178g

Lightning MX-1

Green MX 1

Lightning’s fastest distance driver. The MX1 is a sleek disc with a thin rim depth. This disc’s rim is thicker than any other Lightning disc at 2.1 cm. The flight path of the MX-1 is slightly overstable and it comes with a very significant high speed turn and substantial end flight fade. This disc turns…Read more

Lightning #1 Helix

Blue #1 Helix

Like it’s name implies, the Helix is an excellent disc for Helix, Flex, or S-Curve shots. This disc experiences a high speed turn at the beginning of its flight, followed by a high degree of low speed fade. Thrown at an anhyzer angle, this baby will helix like no other. This disc is no longer…Read more

Lightning #1 Flyer

Lava #1 Flyer

The #1 Flyer by Lightning Golf Discs is one of their faster drivers. This disc is fairly similar to the popular #1 Driver, but instead comes equipped with a broader leading edge that allows it to glide more, giving it the edge when faced with tailwinds. The #1 Flyer is available in very light weights,…Read more