11 Understable

MVP Impulse

The MVP Impulse is the fourth true distance driver introduced to the MVP Frisbee Golf discs line was made available June 20th, 2014. The Impulse is more understable than the MVP Inertia and extends the range of Switch and provides maximum distance for moderate arm disc golfers..Disc golfers with big arms will find this as…Read more

Millennium Aries

White Aries

A personality trait of an Aries is that they are free spirits, and Milleniums Aries lives up to it’s name. This disc is a moderate speed understable distance driver with a substantial degree of high speed turn. The flight of this disc is somewhat comparable to the Astra or the popular Innova Tern. The Aries…Read more

Yikun Jun

Purple Jun

The Jun is a fast understable/stable distance driver that is a great choice for intermediate disc golfers. This disc gives straight line distance off of a backhand throw, the Jun is definitely a disc you will want in your arsenal. Jun Dimensions: Diameter: 21.0 cm Height: 1.7 cm Rim Depth: 1.1 cm Rim Width: 2.1…Read more

Skyquest Medusa

White Medusa

The Medusa by Skyquest is a long distance disc with a perfect mix of speed, glide, turn and fade. This disc is fast! It maintains its speed courtesy thanks to it’s low profile and thick rim The flight rating for the Medusa is 11/5/-2/2. Unlike the L13, which shows its understability from launch, the Medusa…Read more

Innova Mamba

Green Mamba

The Innova Mamba is the most understable high speed distance driver in the Innova lineup. This disc will help intermediate players to get more distance, and it will provide the ultimate turn for the powerful throwers. This driver is good choice for tailwind throws, turnover shots, and for those difficult roller shots. Mamba Dimensions: Diameter:…Read more

Millennium Astra

Green Astra

The Astra is one of the best high speed distance drivers for beginners and intermediate players. For the standard backhand throw, this disc will probably fly farther than any other disc in your bag. This disc turns, glides, and then fades back for an overall stable flight that is definitely better than any other disc.The…Read more