MVP or Maple Valley Plastics creates unique overmold frisbee golf discs where the rims are manufactured with a denser plastic than the flight plate which helps to create a gyroscopic effect while flying. MVP offers a full line of discs and several different plastic varieties. Many MVP discs feature artistic triple foil stamps.

MVP Shock

Blue Shock

No ratings yet. The Shock is a thin fairway driver that is supposed to be more stable than the Volt, and offer excellent glide. The Shock turns less, but has a more than average fading throw than the aforementioned Volt. For power throwers that find the Volt flippy, the stability the Shock offers is why…Read more

MVP Volt

Blue Volt

No ratings yet. The MVP is a straight flying disc which tends to be slightly overstable. Depending on the amount of snap when thrown, the Volt can have a decent fade at the end of its flight. The GYRO Technology in this disc makes it the goto for long, tight fairway throws. The disc is…Read more

MVP Axis

White Axis

No ratings yet. As a reliable midrange disc, the MVP Axis has a smooth sail and fair speed, with a flight rating of 5/5/-1/1. Though this is only a midrange disc, the Axis is one of MVP’s higher speed discs, matching the speed of the Vector. This wide diameter mid range is stable enough to…Read more


White Ion

No ratings yet. The Ion is MVP’s highest glide putter, but also comes with just a small amount of overstable fade in the throw. Those characteristics make this putter a great long-range putter for every skill level. This disc is available in each of MVP’s plastics , which includes the glow in the dark eclipse….Read more

MVP Vector

Blue Vector

No ratings yet. MVP makes the Vector somewhat appear that it is a far flying distance driver, but don’t be fooled – this is an ideal midrange disc for approaches that require great overstability. The Vector is an excellent midrange for power throwers as well as newer disc golfers. It also can handle being thrown…Read more

MVP Anode

Pink Anode

No ratings yet. The Anode by MVP is available in both soft plastic as well as their traditional Proton, Neutron, and Eclipse plastic, which also glows in the dark. Flight ratings for the anode are 3/3/0/0, showing that it is a super straight putter, especially perfect for those who have a smooth flat launch/release. Both…Read more