5 Understable

Crosslap Lucky

No ratings yet. The Lucky is an understable midrange available in unique Crosslap plastic blends. This is a great disc for beginners, especially when it is purchased in light weights.   Lucky Dimensions: Diameter: 21.7 cm Height: 1.7 cm Rim Depth: 1.3 cm Rim Width: 1.3 cm Max Weight: 172.00 g Additional Information: Speed: 5.0…Read more

Prodigy M5

Yellow M5

No ratings yet. The Prodigy M5 is the first understable midrange in the Prodigy Line. For fans of Prodigy looking for a turning mid that will hold long anhyzer lines, this is the disc to choose. Unlike the other Prodigy mid range drivers that all have a similar feel, the M5 is taller and it’s…Read more

Prodigy M4

Yellow M4

No ratings yet. The M4 is a slightly understable midrange in Prodigy’s lineup. This disc is an excellent choice for tunnel shots, turnover throws, and beginners. This disc features Easy Release Technology and has become a favorite among top pros for long and controlled straight shots. M4 Dimensions: Diameter: 21.7 cm Height: 2.0 cm Rim…Read more

MVP Tangent

Blue Tangent

No ratings yet. The MVP Tangent is a understable midrange disc by Maple Valley Plastics. MVP disc sports is known for its high quality putters and midrange discs while utilizing the overmold and “gyroscope” technology. This wide disc is ideal for the beginners and less powerful golfers, but it also has a place for more…Read more

Gateway Mystic

Blue Mystic

No ratings yet. The Mystic is one of the newer discs in the Gateway midrange line. This is a understable midrange disc that can hold it own, and is easy to throw.This is yet another great choice for beginners. It can be purchased in light weights, and with its similar feel to other Gateway discs…Read more

Gateway Element

Blue Translucent Element

No ratings yet. The Gateway Element midrange is a fantastic midrange. This slightly understable disc will hold any line you give it. Throw it flat and it will fly straight . Put a hard hyzer on it and watch it hyzer flip for a long time. Throw it with anhyzer and watch it maintain the…Read more

Westside Tursas

5/5 (1) The Westside Tursas is an  understable midrange disc ideal for beginners and for turnover throws for experienced frisbee golfers. As an understable midrange, newere disc golfers will find that they can get almost as much distance from the Tursas as they can many distance drivers. This is a top rated disc and a…Read more

Innova Kite

Blue Kite

No ratings yet. The Kite is a midrange disc that every beginner and intermediate disc golfer will want in their arsenals. For beginners, this disc flies like a driver with the grip of a putter. Even if you’re a new player who doesn’t have the experience or strength of seasoned players can still get some…Read more

Latitude 64 Pearl

White Pearl

No ratings yet. The Pearl is another must-have disc created by Latitude 64 for beginners. If you’re looking for the perfect disc for youth, new players, and anyone who hasn’t yet mastered their technique, then this is a disc worth considering. This light weight disc offers the perfect combination of turn to provide straight accurate…Read more

Latitude 64 Fuse

White Fuse

No ratings yet. The Fuse is one of the most dynamic midrange discs on the market. Being able to weigh up to 178 grams, this disc is defenitley a larger than average disc in both diameter and height. The Fuse has a an understable/stable flight path that can hold curves and the lines with very…Read more