4 Understable

Innova Stingray

Red stingray

No ratings yet. The Stingray by Innova is a dependable midrange disc. With low speed and an understable nature this is a disc that is suitable for all conditions and it flies with a grace like a Stingray. The flight rating of 4/5/-3/1. Innova Stingray Dimensions: Diameter: 21.7cm (100.18% of average) Height: 1.8cm (89.69% of…Read more

Innova Wolf

Blue Wolf

No ratings yet. The Wolf is the most understable midrange disc that Innova offers. For that reason, this is the preferable disc for those players who have a hard time throwing level, and instead keep their wrist lower in their throw. If you notice your disc falling just to the left of the basket (for…Read more

Discraft Banger GT Soft

Pink Banger GT

No ratings yet. If you like the Banger GT, but love soft flexible plastic, the Banger GT Soft is the perfect solution. This putt and approach disc combines the best of the Banger, with its understable flight path and thumb gripping groove, with the grip and control of soft plastic. This is a great putter…Read more

Discraft Meteor

Blue and Red Meteor

No ratings yet. As one of the understable midrange discs in Discraft’s lineup, the Meteor is great for controlled turnover throws. If you’re right handed, throw backhanded, and need a disc that is going to fly off to the right, then look no further. The Meteor will turn and glide allowing for beginners to receive…Read more

Discraft Comet

Glo Comet/White

No ratings yet. This slightly understable straight flyer will leave a trail of amazement wherever you use it. This is a very versatile disc that can handle a multiplicity of shots and various conditions. Discraft gives the Comet a stability rating of 0. The Comet available in the premium and highly durable ESP and Z…Read more