Westside Shield

No ratings yet. The Shield is the newest Westside putter that was used as part of the 2014 Trilogy Challenge. This putt and approach disc will supposedly be more stable than the Swan and a straighter flyer than the Westside Harp. This is a very tall disc at 2.5cm tall, and is relatively domey. Like…Read moreRead more

Westside Hatchet

No ratings yet. Part Underworld, part Hatchet. With a play off of the success of the Underworld using the same upper-mold, the Hatchet is raising eyebrows. Faster, and more stable, it may be a solid flyer for long distances. You may feel comfortable calling this a control driver – but that’s all speculation at this…Read moreRead more

Westside Sorcerer

No ratings yet. The Sorcerer is combining with a mold of another new release – The World (which may be released in December, we’re still not entirely sure about the release dates). The Sorcerer, according to the first testers, should arguable have a Speed of 14 – but it doesn’t. Instead, it has a glide…Read moreRead more

Westside Harp

No ratings yet. What is the only sound sweeter than listening to the rattle of chains? The sound of a Harp rattling chains! The Harp is another all new disc to be released by Westside in the 1st quarter of 2014, and is only the second putter in Westside’s full lineup of discs. This putter…Read moreRead more

Westside World

No ratings yet. The World is a new mold made with minor improvements over the Giant, and is designed to sail… across the world. We can guarantee that this disc is going to be turning a lot of heads in March. Speed 14 (highest speed to date) and quite overstable at the same time. If…Read moreRead more

Westside Misprints

No ratings yet. If you’re looking for quality, consistent golf discs at an inexpensive price, misprints are the way to go. These discs have flaws in printing (sometimes very minor) not in the plastic or actual disc. In many cases a duplicate print was made on a disc. Other times there is a flaw in…Read moreRead more

Westside Factory 2nds

No ratings yet. Westside Factory Second discs are golf discs that, for whatever reason, Westside would not release for regular sale. In some cases these discs are made with plastic blends that didn’t quite live up to expectations. Other discs stamped “Factory Second” have what looks like tape marks on them that just need to…Read moreRead more

Westside Underworld

No ratings yet. The Westside Underworld is the ideal driver for beginners. This understable disc has a high degree of high-speed turn, followed by minimal low-speed fade. It has a moderate sized 1.9cm rim, and a comfortable feel that will provide new disc golfers more control and distance than most other discs. For more experienced…Read moreRead more

Westside Tursas

5/5 (1) The Westside Tursas is anĀ  understable midrange disc ideal for beginners and for turnover throws for experienced frisbee golfers. As an understable midrange, newere disc golfers will find that they can get almost as much distance from the Tursas as they can many distance drivers. This is a top rated disc and a…Read moreRead more

Westside Stag

No ratings yet. Westside Stag The Stag is an overstable fairway driver in the Westside line. This disc is excellent for controlled fairway drives for both backhand and forehand throws. The Stag isn’t the fastest disc (speed 8), but has a very comfortable, moderate rim of 1.9cm. This disc is available in Tournament and VIP…Read moreRead more