Prodiscus Midari

No ratings yet. The Midari is the midrange disc in the Prodiscus line. This stable flyer has a great feel and goes where you want it to go. It is a fairly slow flyer for a midrange, but flies straight, with a sharp end of flight fade. The Prodiscus Midari is available in two plastics….Read moreRead more

Prodiscus Jokeri

No ratings yet. The Jokeri is a popular, highly rated putt and approach disc made by the Finnish disc manufacturer Prodiscus. This is a tall bulky disc with a flat, almost concave tip. The Jokeri is a very popular disc for short putts as well as long drives. The Prodiscus Jokeri is a reliable overstable…Read moreRead more

Prodiscus Respecti

No ratings yet. The Respecti is an overstable control driver that is great for strategic hooks, forehand throws, and overhand drives. This disc is not recommended for beginners. The Respecti is the first disc that Finnish manufacturer Prodiscus produced. The Prodiscus Respecti is available in both Basic and Premium plastics. [one_third][/one_third][two_third_last] Prodiscus RESPECTi Dimensions Diameter:…Read moreRead more

Prodiscus Legenda

No ratings yet. The Prodiscus Legenda is a thin, ultra fast driver with a thick rim. This overstable disc is the fastest of the Prodiscus drivers. For big arms, this disc will turn slightly before a long and gradual end of flight fade. [one_third][/one_third][two_third_last] Prodiscus LEGENDa Dimensions Diameter: 21.1cm Height: 1.5cm Rim Depth: 1.1cm Rim…Read moreRead more

Prodiscus Slaidi

No ratings yet. The Slaidi is a fast distance driver made by the Finish disc manufacturer. Prodiscus compares the flight of this disc to the Innova Destroyer. It is an excellent disc for long forehand drives. The Prodiscus Slaidi is available in both of the Prodiscus plastic blends. Their Premium plastic is clear and durable….Read moreRead more

Prodiscus Laseri

No ratings yet. The Laseri is an all-new fairway driver by Prodiscus. This is an overstable disc with a flight rating that is similar to the RESPECTi, but  not quite as overstable. With the name like “Laser” you’d expect this disc to be a fast straight flyer, and it delivers. Our Laseri’s are first runs…Read moreRead more