MVP Impulse

4/5 (1) The MVP Impulse is the fourth true distance driver introduced to the MVP Frisbee Golf discs line was made available June 20th, 2014. The Impulse is more understable than the MVP Inertia and extends the range of Switch and provides maximum distance for moderate arm disc golfers.. Disc golfers with big arms will…Read moreRead more

MVP Motion

No ratings yet. The The MVP Motion is a flat, very overstable frisbee golf disc driver. In our testing, this disc fits the description given by MVP perfectly! General Relativity Motion – Einstein Stamped Motion Is a limited release, featuring the image and signature of Mr. Albert Einstein himself. [one_third][/one_third][two_third_last] MVP Motion Dimensions MVP Motion…Read moreRead more

MVP Tesla

No ratings yet. MVP says: “The Tesla‚Äôs responsive design balances a subtle turn and reliable fade, while a pronounced glide and forward finish gain extra distance. The Tesla extends high power or headwind lines and has plenty of bite to fade back reliably and reduce lateral drift. The Tesla can be considered the big brother…Read moreRead more

MVP Inertia

No ratings yet. MVP fans have long awaited the arrival of a true distance driver. The Inertia is said to be a “controllable distance driver” with GYRO Push that gives throwers increased control for distance drives. The understable profile of the Inertia will give powerful throwers excellent distance on hyzerflip throws. For less experienced players,…Read moreRead more

MVP Switch

No ratings yet. The MVP Switch fairway driver is described as stable-understable, and is the third mold in the slower Resistor/Servo Class. The Switch is like a cross between the mid-range Tangent and the AMP, and is said to be the best driver for new players with low power. The Switch is an accurate disc…Read moreRead more

MVP Servo

No ratings yet. MVP Disc Sports just announced the release of a new disc, the Servo. The Servo sounds like a slower Volt, or a faster Tangent. It’s said to be a super straight flying disc that’s easy to control. While the original MVP drivers (Volt, Shock, Amp) are classified as speed 8-9 drivers, the…Read moreRead more

MVP Resistor

No ratings yet. The all new MVP resistor is described as a slower overstable fairway drive with more controllable speed. The Resistor has a flat profile that makes it excellent for forehand flick and overhand shots. The Resistor compliments the MVP line of control drivers by providing a more overstable driver than the Shock. Utilizing…Read moreRead more

MVP Tensor

No ratings yet. The new Tensor by MVP is an overstable midrange disc designed to withstand the power of the strongest throws. This midrange driver flies well on windy days and offers excellent glide for a midrange. While the flight path of the Tensor is very similar to the Vector, the disc has a much…Read moreRead more

MVP Tangent

No ratings yet. [quote]According to MVP: The Tangent is a big hit. It has been ultra-reliable for novice and advance players alike for its ability to hold any line of release. The Tangent can hold easy straight lines with lower power throws, and is also capable of high power throws with a smooth subtle turn.[/quote]…Read moreRead more


No ratings yet. The AMP is the second fairway driver released by MVP. This is an understable disc that is great for beginners. This disc has substantial turn and minimal fade. For less powerful disc golfers, the AMP makes a long straight flying disc. For more powerful players, the AMP works great for super straight…Read moreRead more