Millennium is one of the oldest disc golf brands and revolutionized the sport by creating the first premium plastic. Millennium’s headquarters is in Herington Kansas, but their discs are manufactured by Innova Champion in California.

Millennium Orion LF

Yellow Orion LF

No ratings yet. The Orion LF (Long Fade) is another good overstable driver in the Millennium lineup. This is a relatively fast disc (Speed 9), has a slight turn (-1), good glide (5), and a strong predictable fade (3). The Orion is available in all three Millennium plastics. Millennium Standard plastic provides outstanding grip and…Read more

Millennium Orion LS

White Orion LS

No ratings yet. The Orion LS (long straight) is a consistent stable driver that is great for intermediate players. This disc utilizes understable turn and reliable fade, which gives outstanding distance and the perfect control for the average disc golfers. The Orion LS is available in Millennium, Quantum, and Sirius plastics. Choose your favorite plastic…Read more

Millennium Polaris LS

Orange Polaris LS

No ratings yet. The Polaris is one of the best slightly understable, straight flying drivers on the market. This disc is a predictable, straight flying, and a fast flying driver that gives great distance. This disc is a great choice for line drives in low ceiling areas. The Polaris is easy to throw for any…Read more

Millennium Quasar

Blue Translucent Quasar

No ratings yet. The Quasar is the fastest and most overstable driver Millennium makes. This disc is very thin (1.6cm height) and has an ultra wide rim (2.5cm). The Quasar is a great choice for powerful disc golfers throwing backhand or forehand throws. While the Quasar is best suited for advanced players in its normal…Read more

Millennium Scorpius

Pink Millenium Scorpius

No ratings yet. The Scorpius is one of Millenniums fastest flying golf discs, with a speed rating of 12. This disc’s flight characteristics are similar to the popular Innova Destroyer: high speed, slight turn, excellent glide, and heavy fade back. The Scorpius is one of Millenniums discs that is better for forehand/sidearm drives. Diameter: 21.1cm…Read more

Millennium Sentinel MF

Orange Sentinel MF

No ratings yet. The Sentinel MF is one of the most accurate midrange golf discs on the market. It has been around since 1998 and is still sticking around because of it’s consistent reliability. The Sentinel MF (midrange fade) is overstable, but the fade it provides is consistent and predictable. This midrange is great for…Read more

Millennium Astra

Green Astra

No ratings yet. The Astra is one of the best high speed distance drivers for beginners and intermediate players. For the standard backhand throw, this disc will probably fly farther than any other disc in your bag. This disc turns, glides, and then fades back for an overall stable flight that is definitely better than…Read more