DGA Riptide

No ratings yet. The Riptide is an out of production overstable disc made for long drives that need to hook inward at the last moment towards a target. This disc provides a go-to for its strong hook. So long as you have mastered the power behind this disc and its strong fade. DGA Riptide Dimensions…Read moreRead more

DGA Blunt Gumbputt

No ratings yet. The Blunt Gumbputt is a fantastic disk in the signature line, with a rubber-bandesque feel! This disc falls straight down after it hits any target, making it one of the best short-range and/or long range putters that you could ask for. Blunt Gumbputt Dimensions Diameter: 21.7cm (100.18% of average) Height: 2.2cm (109.62%…Read moreRead more

DGA Blowfly I

DGA Blowfly 1 Blue-Purple

No ratings yet. The Blowfly 1 takes “super soft” discs to a new level. This disc is not only soft, but flexible and bendable. The extra bend and flexibility takes some worry off as the disc will still hold if your child or grandchild ends up hitting something other than basket. The Blowfly 1 has…Read moreRead more

DGA Blowfly II

DGA Blowfly 2 Pink

No ratings yet. The Blowfly II is the second super soft flexible putter by DGA, and is available in lighter weights. This disc is so flexible that you can easily fold it in half like a pancake. This gives the Blowfly II unmatched chain gripping capabilities. Flexibility makes this disk softer and perfect for playing…Read moreRead more

DGA Hurricane

DGA Hurricane Pink

No ratings yet. The DGA Hurricanes wide rim and excellent glide provide better stability for this distance driver. For power throwers, this disc will definitely go the distance and then some. This disc goes farther than any other disc DGA has made. For beginner and intermediate players, the Hurricane will feel more overstable.  It is…Read moreRead more

DGA Reef

DGA Reef Yellow

No ratings yet. Built for anyone and everyone, the DGA Reef is a terrific putter that can hold any line. With this disk you will be able to throw pretty straight and it has a slight, end flight fade. If you like putters that go where you throw, you’ll be happy with the performance the…Read moreRead more

DGA Shockwave

DGA Shockwave Pink

No ratings yet. As an overstable midrange disc, the DGA Shockwave offers excellent control and predictability. If you want a great disc for accurate throws and approach shots than this is the disk for you! The excellent control and predictability means this mid range isn’t going to turn over with hard wrist snaps and powerful…Read moreRead more

DGA Aftershock

DGA Aftershock Orange

No ratings yet. The Aftershock is another solid overstable disc in the DGA lineup. While not quite as overstable as the Shockwave, the Aftershock is still a stable disc offering consistent and predictable flights, all the while covering more distance. This midrange can handle powerful throwers and will keep its line for almost the entire…Read moreRead more

DGA Undertow

DGA White Undertow

No ratings yet. The Undertow is the most understable driver in the DGA lineup. However, when compared to other disc brands it really isn’t that understable. Although DGA gives the ProLine version of this disc a turn rating of 0 (stable), we have to give it at least one. Compared with other discs in the…Read moreRead more

DGA Tsunami

DGA Tsunami Yellow

No ratings yet. The DGA Tsunami is a high speed overstable long range driver. This disk is good for power throwers who are looking for some distance and for sidearm/forehand golfers who don’t want an extra thick rim, this is the disk for you! The Tsunami is available in the ProLine plastic and comes in…Read moreRead more